Welcome to the Upland Poodles Website

Dedicated to honoring the Poodle in the field as an upland hunting dog.


  Poodles have long been recognized as waterfowl retrievers,  
  but just as much, they are upland hunters - tried, true, and long-time proven.  
Upland hunting traditionally consists of walking through the fields, locating birds, flushing them out of cover, and shooting and retrieving them.  Upland hunting varies widely from the sparse vegetation of the high desert, to the high cover of corn fields, to the dense cover of fence rows, to woodlands.  The type of bird varies, based on the habitat.  Game birds include pheasant, chukar, partridge, woodcock, doves, various kinds of quail and grouse, and pigeons.  With all of them, a good dog makes a valued hunting partner, a role that poodles have been filling for a long, long time. 

Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic

Poodle Club Of America sponcered a booth at the 2014 Pheasants Forever Pheasant fest in Milwaukee Wi

The booth was supported by the members of the Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club