Where Poodles Hunt

In upland hunting, the dog is an active member of the hunting team, responsible for locating the birds in cover or brush, flushing them for the hunters, and then finding them and retrieving them to the handler.  Poodles excel at all of these.             


Poodles have long served as the family hunting buddies, as well as the trusted associates of commercial hunting guides. They will work in whatever way is needed to get the birds. 

  - They will work through cover, quartering and flushing the birds for their gunners. 

  - They will plow through the snow, hunting for pheasants hiding underneath. 

  - They will go dove hunting through the fields in hot weather. 

  - They will work as pickup dogs for tower shoots.             


One of the joys of upland hunting is getting to watch the dogs use their natural talents as hunters.           


This website focuses on Poodles (and their people) who do Upland Hunting.


 Upland hunting takes place in a variety of settings.  Terrain may be flat or rolling or mountainous.  Cover may be row crops, or dense brush, or the sparce vegetation of high desert, or deep snow.  Poodles hunt it all.





The photos below are of working upland Poodles, some have titles, some do not, but all of them UPLAND HUNT!

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